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The Importance of Youth Sports

When I was growing up there wasn't a day that went by in Summer where I didn't want to end up out on the soccer field with my friends or in the baseball diamond with a few gloves and a few buddies. Back then, before technology was quite so rampant, getting outside was something we did. We loved the sun and the breeze and grass stained knees and we wanted it as much as possible.

Sure, video games existed but that wasn't what we were all about. We were about doing stuff and that meant something. Nowadays, with phones and the internet and laptops the size of textbooks there is no reason to go outside. Everyone is entertained from the confines of their desk or couch. Instead of letting your child become one of these robots you should seriously consider enrolling them into youth sports. Youth sports can be a great way to get your kid motivated to go outside and actually live a physically active life.

They will get to mingle with kids their own age, exercise, and learn a new skill all while being health aware and active. But so far these have just been buzzwords and buzzwords don't convey how important an activity like youth sports can be. Children will learn so many important life lessons while playing youth sports. Let's take a look at a few key benefits of youth sports and how you can embrace the activity alongside your children.

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1. Youth sports foster a positive attitude.
Being a part of a team activity, like most youth sports, will foster a positive identity while playing with the others. Being in youth sports doesn't mean that the world revolves around winning or losing. Heck, the game isn't even about playing well. The point of being in youth sports is to expand your mind and your abilities all while improving yourself as a growing and maturing person.

2. Youth sports bring on a new mentor.
The coaches in youth sports can be some of the wisest people around. They've typically played youth sports in their own childhood and they understand the importance of what they are doing. Having a new mentor that can talk to your kid about the importance of physical health and good effort can make all of the difference in the world growing up. That isn't to say that youth sports are a substitute for parenting. But youth sports can be a great addition.

3. Youth sports teach teamwork.
Youth sports impart one of the most important lessons of all: we have to work together. Even the best team in youth sports won't be able to win without help from other members of the roster.

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