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Yoga class is wonderful for both your mind and body. You walk into a yoga class, close the door and leave the world behind. You begin the yoga class and you are transforming who you are and how you feel. The other side of the door of your yoga class is all your frustrations and difficulties in everyday living. Inside your yoga class is peace and tranquility. You start your yoga class and you are beginning a journey to a meditative state. The yoga class is a calming environment. The lighting in the yoga class room will be muted.

The low level of light creates a soothing feeling. Then the music should begin and the music enhances the calming feeling. You mood follows the environmental atmosphere of the yoga class room. When you begin your yoga class, you may be stress from the frustrations of life. The yoga class is a process of calming your distressed feelings. All the stimulation from the outside world is on the other side of the yoga class door. You can empty your mind of the concerns of the outside world during your yoga class. In yoga class, the meditative process begins by your yoga exercises.

You are moving your body through space, and as you move your body, you are breathing. Concentrating on your body movement and your breathing clears your mind. For example, you are doing the position of “downward dog”. Every muscle in your body contributes to downward dog such as your abs, arms and legs. Your concentration is on how your body feels in that position. Also, you are focusing on your breathing. The combination of focusing on your breathing and how your body feels in the downward dog position leaves no room for anything else in your mind.

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Yoga class is good for your body. As you move from one yoga form to the next, you are exercising micro-muscles in your body. These muscles are often neglected in gross body movement exercises. It is the micro-muscles that support the larger muscles. By exercising these micro-muscles, you are improving your body. People who practice yoga will describe that they do not experience the minor aches and pains that most people complain about.

You will enjoy a yoga class and should try the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga is a lifelong enjoyment. There are many exercises that you will age out of because the exercise will damage joints over time such as running. You never age out of yoga. Over the years, the practice of yoga will keep you more flexible and stronger.

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