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Tips on Buying Used Tires

There are billions of tires that are discarded every year. They are very hard to get rid of because they are not allowed in the landfills. Used tires that lay around become breeding grounds for mosquitoes when the tires fill with water. This can create a very unhealthy situation. The discarding of used tires has always been a big problem. With more and more cars on the roads every day, this will continue to be an ongoing problem.

There are companies out there that do take used tires and retread them. Although they are not as durable as new tires, retread tires can be a low cost option for someone that is on a tight budget. Although retread tires are not generally warranted, they can be suitable for light weight cars. They would be best recommended to replace the rear tires on a vehicle, as it is not as dangerous to get a flat tire on rear tire as it is the front tire.

You may see chunks of tire on the highway when you are traveling down the road. These are generally from semi trucks that have retread tires on them and they blow a tire. Although this does not usually happen when a passenger car has a flat tire on a retread tire, it does happen a lot of semi truck tires. Generally retread tires on passenger vehicles are more durable and do not commonly have issues. Just to be safe, the retreads should only be used as back tires.

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Depending on where you shop for tires, buying used tires is usually an option. Of course the tire store is going to try to sell you the new tires as there is a lot more money for them to make on these. However, a lot of people get new tires every 30 to 40 thousand miles and do not want to take home the old tires. Therefore the tire store will keep them and resell them as used tires. If the tires do not have a safe amount of tread left on them, they may have to be sent in and retreaded in order to sell them to the public. They will then be sold as retreads rather than used tires. So when you go to buy used tires from a garage, be sure and ask them if they are used tires or retread tires. There may be a price difference that will help you to decide which one you want to buy.

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