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There are many easy ways to store and organize items in your home that are in a disarray using things you might already have around the house right now. Here are a few examples of storage containers and ways to use them.

Storage for Children's Rooms
Coffee cans are great storage containers for Crayons, Markers and Pencils. Wash the coffee cans and save the plastic lids to them. Paint the cans bright colors and let them dry. Then, apply labels, or use paint or markers to write what the contents are on the can. When the cans are finished, just put the contents inside, and put the lid on. This is also an inexpensive storage method for small toys, like blocks and toys cars.

Storage for the Kitchen
Kitchen drawers can easily get overwhelmed with kitchen gadgets and utensils. Small clean boxes that are left over from food packaging can be repurposed as storage containers to organize and store the utensils in. Jut cut the top of the box down some, so that it will be a size that will fit in the drawers of your kitchen. Colorful paper can be taped to the box to make it look nicer.

After you have several done, arrange the storage boxes in the drawers. Then, you can put your utensils or whatever items you need to organize in the boxes. 

Storage for the Bathroom
Look around your house for baskets you might have. Baskets are great storage containers and they are pretty to decorate with.


Roll towels up and place them in a large basket for storage by the bath tub. Washcloths can be stacked neatly in to a small basket by the sink. Shampoo and toiletry items can be stored in baskets under the sink.

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Storage for Books and Magazines
For avid readers, books and magazines can accumulate quickly. Crates turned on their sides and stacked against the wall can make creative bookshelves for storage. Crates are also great storage containers for closets to hold sweaters, shoes and other folded clothing.

Storage for Photographs
Get a shoe box or any other elongated box with a lid will work for this. Stack photos in the box with labeled index cards as separators. Organize the photos according to the event they are from, or even by dates or ages of your children.

As you can see, storage containers don't have to be expensive. You can use many items you have in your home right now, to get and keep your items organized.

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