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It was the latter part of the 1800s when the semi-truck was born. It was Alexander Winton who actually invented this powerful machine. He was the designer of automobiles and he had created the semi truck in order to distribute his automobiles. The semi truck had a job to do. The invention and creation of the semi truck was to deliver goods and haul cars. The trailer had actually been invented in the year 1914. Boats were also transported by these trailers and semis. This proved to be an excellent invention that served a need and had a definite purpose to fulfill.

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Semi Trucks on the Move
Semi trucks are on the move all throughout the United States. These trucks will move and travel all over the globe too. The Department of Transportation claimed that there were at least 21 semi trucks that had moved and traveled approximately 412 billion miles in the year 1997. These semi trucks are powerful machines that travel long and far. They have a mission to complete and these semi trucks will get the job done.

The job will be completed with the good driver sitting behind the wheel. They can be seen on roads and highways everywhere. These are traveling machines that prove to be intriguing and interesting as well as powerful. There are many interesting facts about semi trucks that many people are not even aware of. The semi truck itself is a combination of a tractor unit and a trailer.


The Trailer on Semi Trucks
Semi trucks do include trailers that are usually around 28 feet and 57 feet. There is a kingpin that does affect the actual turning radius of the trailer. The kingpin simply connects the trailer to the truck itself. The semi trucks will have a larger turning radius when the kingpin setting is longer.

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The trailer of semi trucks are called semi-tractor-trailers. These trailers are used for the purpose of carrying the actual freight and then transported to the destination. The trailer is attached to the tractor of the truck. It is attached with a fifth wheel hitch. Most of the weight is borne by the tractor itself. The tractor and the trailer both will then have a unique and different design. This combination of the powered truck and the trailer that is detachable is then called or known as a combination semi-tractor-trailer. They have several names that are used. These include semis, big rigs, and eighteen wheelers.

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