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RV Campers are simply a recreational vehicle for most people, but for others they are much more than that. When you think about RV Campers you usually consider them as holiday or vacation vehicles that travel with you and provide a convenient place to stay at the end of each day. Your food and clothing are inside and don't have to be unpacked and repacked as they do when you move from one hotel to another. Although most RV Campers are used for vacation travel, there are other reasons to purchase RV Campers as well.

It has become increasingly popular to use RV Campers as retirement homes for the following reasons:

  • RV Campers save on living expenses
  • RV Campers allow retirees to see the country
  • RV Campers allow retirees to follow the mild weather
  • RV Campers provide an opportunity to meet new friends

Many retirees sell their homes and buy RV Campers instead. Living in RV Campers eliminates many of the costs of home ownership such as property taxes and home owner's insurance. In addition there may be tax breaks associated with the purchase such as deductions for the sales tax and possibly mortgage interest. 

After years of being tied to a job, many retirees purchase RV Campers for the freedom to travel economically and see the country as they never had time to before. Retirees who live in their RV Campers can follow the mild seasons without the need to purchase a home in any one location. There also seems to be a camaraderie among travelers with RV Campers that allows them to easily meet new and interesting people. 

Purchasing RV Campers is not something to be taken lightly. 

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Think about what you plan to use it for and whether you want to travel the country or stay put in an RV park. As with anything else, the advantages of RV ownership must be weighed against the possible drawbacks:

  • Fuel and maintenance can be costly
  • Choosing a tow trailer will require a suitable tow vehicle
  • Parking can be a problem in cramped sightseeing areas

You may want to try an RV first by renting one for travel or as a stationary home in an RV park. There are even 55+ retirement communities in some areas that feature RV Campers for rent if you are not ready to buy one. Do your homework prior to purchasing an RV Camper to be sure you are making the best decision for your situation.

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