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Before the internet made information accessible, the public library provided the space for access to research, data, knowledge, and community groups. It is the space to come out of the rain no matter who you are- the businessman and the homeless man are equal in a public library. The only requirement to use library resources is that you respect them enough to preserve them for the next person. The public library enables community, access, and entertainment.

A public library provides a meeting place for tutors, foreign language groups, and anyone dedicated to creating a community. Libraries have always been open space for town meetings, political debates, and other public events. Communities are formed when people commit to a time and place, whether they are young authors learning to write or an elderly knitting club. A public library provides the space needed for creation, connection, creativity, and community.

Free internet access is a common amenity in a public library, providing access to the world's information. Prospective students can use it to apply to colleges; those in poverty can use it to communicate with loved ones. Curious minds can learn the building blocks for quantum mechanics, or research the latest in medical developments. The resources of the world are available at everyman's fingertips through the public library.

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The public library itself is access to knowledge for all people in any stage of life. From new mothers to retiring engineers, the public library holds the treasure chests of guidance, and librarians are the guides. 

The shelves in a public library are full of free entertainment. The public library does not just offer books. Whether a library patron is searching for a movie, music, or even audio books, a public library has what they are looking for. Often, if the local public library does not have a resource that a patron needs, they can ask for the resource from another library- for free.

The public library also hosts puppet shows for small children, showings of documentaries, and the occasional craft session. E-books are starting to be available in the public library, and some libraries even offer streaming videos for patrons. The incredible depth and breadth of resources available at a public library put most paid services to shame. Take the time to look for a local public library nearby, and take advantage of the free services they offer. Find out more about what a library can do for you, whatever your pursuits, hobbies, and interests.

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