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Phone repair is on the rise as anything else in the electronics area. Learning the phone repair business is a great career you learn a skill. You can work out of your own home, name your hours, and your price. Learning to handle a phone repair is relatively easy and if you have access to the internet, it is a great way to learn and still keep the present job. The following information such as DVD’s, books, technical support, and other helpful tools could be available to you to learn the phone repair.

Every school is different, so it might be useful for you to research these online schools and find out which ones have the best for you. Using a computer, you can fix a phone repair problem by research the internet. The internet has several sections on how to fix any type of phone repair that you have. The market for cell phones is growing all the time. As long as this market is going upwards, the need for cell phone repair people are too. In addition, you can fix a phone repair or your own phone repair and save some time and money.

The cost of a phone repair is expensive if you take it somewhere to have it fixed. There are many guides for the phone repair for disassembly to special techniques on the internet. The training centers online may offer a period of five days or more, to learn the cell phone repair. The cell phone repair learning centers online will have many times in the hands on technique. Some of them offer a group discount in training. Once the course is complete, you would receive a Certificate for the first three levels.

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There are certain phone repair tools that you will need to help you with a phone repair. If you want to do it yourself, you will want to have a small magnifying glass, tweezers, Phillips and flat screwdriver, and good working light. In addition, you will want to keep a pen and paper handy so you can write down information.


The first item to take off is the battery and the antenna. Look inside for any phone repair at the circuit board for water damage. If anything has a burn mark or short, the phone is completely broken. You can try to find the parts needed and fix it yourself.


Always troubleshoot a cell phone repair through the computer before you just dive in. In addition, make sure the phone is off, and take off the battery and antenna if there is one. 

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