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Outdoor sports are a fun way to get out and get some exercise. There are so many different types of outdoor sports, so there is sure to be something for everyone! Being outdoors and breathing fresh air is good for both the mind and the body! You don’t have to be a marathon runner or a gymnast in order to enjoy the great outdoors! Just taking a long walk through the woods, or along the ocean coast can be considered an outdoor sport! Anything that gives you a small amount of physical exercise can be considered a sport.

Some of the best spring sports are things like running or biking. Spring is a great time to oil up them bicycle chains, and go for a nice long bike ride. The weather is great this time of the year. Not too hot and not to cold! If you are in an area where the winter has been long and burdensome, you probably cannot wait for the snow to melt and the sun to shine high in the sky! The best outdoor sports in the spring include bike riding, and jogging. There is no better way to listen to the birds chirp as you are cruising down a park pathway.

Summer outdoor sports include a lot of water sports. The weather tends to be hotter in most regions, and people enjoy cooling off in the water while enjoying their outdoor sports. Amongst the most popular are boating, jet skiing, water skiing and swimming. While swimming is probably the best work out as far as summer outdoor sports go, water skiing also provides a decent work out! Lying in the sun on a boat does not help tone the muscles, but it provides relaxation for the mind. This is also very important in balancing your everyday life!

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Fall outdoor sports are usually more for going and observing than actually being out and doing. There are football games and basketball games to go sit and watch, as well as cheer on your favorite teams! Although a day out on the golf course can be considered an outdoor sport that can supply one with ample exercise!


For many people that live in certain parts of the country, winter outdoor sports are their favorites! Whether they get out and ski, or they get out and ice fish, the true diehards get out and brave the cold temperatures. Outdoor sports have always been around, and always will be. If you have not found your favorite outdoor sports, now is the time to venture out and try something new!

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