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When reading about obituaries online, one would often wonder where the information arises from. Obituaries are advertised all over the place, but when you find them on free obituary sites, it's almost like obituaries are being scoured for in local newspapers. Maybe there is a link for these obituaries to the other sites in which the obituaries are advertised. There are becoming an increasing amount of obituaries where there are teens listed as the victims. In these obituaries, the cause of death is usually by a car accident or being hit by a drunk or impaired driver.

Everyday it's tends to be tougher when dealing with the deaths of others. It makes you cry reading about the lives and those they left behind in the obituaries. Sometimes there are memorial pages created for these individuals in lieu of obituaries. It seems these memorial pages are made to set up funds to donate to those that are in mourning. Parents aren't prepared for the deaths of their young ones, so it becomes increasingly tough to set up obituaries in which they must detail their lives.

It's one thing that makes it hard to mourn- the thought of creating obituaries for these individuals. How do you know what type of information to include in obituaries? Is there a certain format to go by or template? Is there a correct etiquette when creating obituaries? Some may never know which is why there is a wide variety of obituaries that you read. It doesn't matter where you are reading these obituaries, there doesn't seem to be any format that they seem to follow.

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Who is put in charge of the obituary when it involves the death of a child? What of the parents are no longer together? Would you create multiple obituaries or work together as a team in order to get the job done. Of course, you wouldn't have multiple funeral services so why have multiple obituaries.

It seems that when you publish the obituary there can be a great deal of controversy over the information that is supplied in the piece that you read. 

All of this talk about death and funerals, and writing an obituary makes a person begin to think. Think about what would be included in their obituary if they were to pass. What types of accomplishments would you be remembered for if you were to pass? Now try to write your obituary, think of what you would want included in this piece. 

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