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Log homes are no longer for those who want to live out in the woods in a simple manner. The construction of log homes has come a long way since the times of when pioneers would chop down their own trees and create a home for their family. The rustic charm of these types of homes is still popular today and with better home construction there are many reasons why buying log homes make sense.

It’s all about the logs
Log homes are created from a renewable energy source. When trees are removed from the forest, other are planted in its place. Some construction companies use already dead trees to make the logs for their log homes. Many trees are destroyed by pests, but the pest infestations do not destroy the quality of the wood. There are some construction companies that only get their wood from sustainable resources.

Stands up to the environment
Log homes last for an extremely long time. There are many historical log homes that are hundreds of years old. Log homes also can hold up to whatever Mother Nature throws at them. They are known to be able to take the force of hurricanes as well as handle all the snow that a blizzard can dump on them. Log homes have also weathered very well.

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Logs are energy efficient
Logs homes are naturally an energy efficient home thanks to the logs that create the home. The size of the logs allows for them to naturally insulate the home. As long as the logs being used are properly sealed, this will allow for log homes to maintain their set temperatures. This will save on energy costs. Sometimes log homes are viewed as being drafty and cold. There is no truth in this misconception. Wood is warm and log homes are very easy to keep warm.

If you are looking to get some peace and quiet, log homes are the better choice. The size and the shape of the logs help to block out noise. Not only will you not hear the neighbors, the neighbors will not hear you.

There is no denying how beautiful log homes can be. Not only do log homes seem to naturally fit into their surrounding landscape, each log home is its own piece of art work. A log home is also easier to decorate. There is no searching for a stud located behind a wall. Instead, pick a log, put in a nail, and hang a picture.

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