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Today the word "junk yard" connotes opportunities for those who like to re-purpose articles that have been discarded is being unwanted. In the United States a junk yard operates locally where items such as appliances, cars, fixtures from a home, and many other articles are damaged and are not worth repair are sold to it. The junk yard purchases such items and resells them for scrap or on the retail market.

A typical junk yard in this country welcomes people off the street to sell their no longer wanted belongings to it or look through what is in inventory to purchase. I personally like to visit a junk yard in my design business. I have found many metal frames, industrial items and metal objects that I have been able to use for my clients in their home remodels that end up being re-purposed.

Examples of my finds at a junk yard are industrial machines that I have been able to turn into tables, old metal lighting that end up being re-wired for the "aged look" and old car grills that have been transformed into wall art. In a way, a junk yard assists in the recycling of metals and other objects initially destined for landfills and in this sense, a junk yard can be seen as environmentally "friendly".

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In such a manner, a junk yard serves a dual purpose, it prevents discard into landfills and allows for the recycling of objects. Many artists that I know travel to a junk yard on a regular basis to find articles that they use in their medium. Several prominent artists that I know refer to a junk yard as having "rusty gold" where the facility is picked through for desired articles to be transformed into something new.

The typical junk yard that most people know about is for automobiles. At such a facility, cars that are no longer wanted are sold by their owners to the junk yard. The junk yard either crushes the cars for resale for their metal or before the cars are crushed, people can come to the junk yard and pull parts from these automobiles for cars that need them for a fee. The used parts of the cars at these automobile junk yards cost much less than those parts when ordered new. The result is that a person on a budget who needs to fix his or her car can get a good bargain at an automobile junk yard. My experience is that people who are mechanically handy with automobiles go to an automobile junk yard for used parts for their vehicles.

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