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Local hunting is an easy way to utilize the natural resources you have in your area. Licenses may be required and you do need to follow your areas local hunting laws and regulations. Local hunting can provide you and your family with healthy whole food, exercise and recreation. Depending on where you live local hunting can provide you, not to mention your friends and neighbors, with a plethora of local food. A large deer or elk can provide the average family enough meat for a whole winter. Local hunting laws may allow more than one kills per person depending on local game populations.

Game can be shared or bartered with others in your community. Maybe your family isn't a huge fan of venison, trade what you won't eat to others for game such as rabbit or squirrel. Food prices are on the rise. Many store bought meats are laden with added growth hormones and antibiotics. Local hunting can provide you with a clean and economical way to put meat on your family's dinner table. People around the world are quickly becoming unhealthier than generations past. Most of the diseases plaguing people today can be attributed to a more and more sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is one benefit to local hunting or hunting in general. Local hunting means local hiking. Local hunting may mean a little travel time and a lot of hiking in the woods.

This isn't a bad thing. Hiking is excellent exercise. It gives your heart and lungs a great workout, tones long forgotten small and large muscle groups and improves stamina, endurance and balance. Local hunting provides recreation and a chance to meet people with similar interest. Many communities have what are known as "local hunt" clubs. These local hunting groups meet on a regular basis to discuss game conservation, hunting tips, and where game can be located. Local hunt clubs also share information on weaponry and ammunition used in hunting, along with ways to attract game, clean and preserve game and recipes; not to mention good old fashion hunting stories about the one that got away.

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Local hunting clubs are a great way to meet new people, network and socialize. If you've never hunted before and would like to give local hunting a try, getting started is pretty easy. They're lots of resources out there to help. Start by contacting your local forestry department. You can also contact your local department of game and wildlife conservation.


These agencies can provide you with a multitude of information on local hunting. They can provide with all you need to know about licensing, and rules and regulations pertaining to local hunting in your specific area. Local law enforcement agencies can provide you with information about purchasing and registering weapons used in local hunting.

If you're interested in game hunting give local hunting a try. You can experience the great outdoors, not so far from your own back door. You can spend time with old friends and make new friends who share your interest. Feed your family healthier and more economically and maybe even pick up a few new skills.


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