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Reasons to use golf carts

The term golf carts are kind of a misnomer these days, because there are so many other uses for the four-wheeled vehicles. In essence, golf carts aren't just for the golf course any more. Golf carts have become common in many communities as a means of personal transportation. In retirement communities in warm-weather states, it's not uncommon to see residents tooling around in golf carts on internal streets as they go from house to house or from their house to a community center or pool.

This is common not just in communities that are centered on a golf course but also those that aren't. However, it’s not just in closed-off gated communities where golf carts are used to get around. Some states and cities have amended laws to allow golf carts on local streets, meaning residents can use a golf cart to go to the store, take kids to school or go to work. Golf carts also are popular and useful as personal vehicles on large farms and estates. Golf carts can be used as a means to go between buildings or down a long drive to get the mail or newspaper.

Another common use of golf carts is in large businesses. An outdoor business that is spread out over a large area, such as a theme park, might use golf carts as transportation both for its workers and people who visit. Golf carts also are common forms of transportation at large business sites where there are many buildings spread out over a large area. For example, security guards on Hollywood film lots often use golf carts to get from building to building and set to set.

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Airports are another business setting where golf carts or some similar utility vehicle is used to ferry passengers and workers over long distances inside the terminal. Workers on the ramps outside may also use golf carts to get around.

Other large businesses that are indoors in one large building may also utilize golf carts as a means of transportation for workers and guests. A perfect example of this is a large manufacturing business. Such businesses may have millions of square feet under one roof, making it difficult and time-consuming for people to get around.

Golf carts are perfect for these indoor settings because not only can they move people around more quickly, they also are quiet and do not produce emissions that could be hazardous indoors.

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