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Gold Mining: The profession of many legends.

Gold mining brings quickly to mind, thoughts of people who are in a big hurry to get rich, and a desire to make a lot of money, from this valuable mineral. Indeed, even the possibility of finding gold and gold mining has caused people to pull up stakes and move to faraway places, and to places that had unfriendly weather. In the United States, there are two very famous gold mining rushes, where people hurried to a new area, lured by thoughts of gold mining, and getting rich really quick.

Truly, thoughts of riches and exciting dreams are closely tied with thoughts of gold mining and its history. Gold mining has also been known, for great danger. Over the years, many lives have been lost in gold mining, as people hurried to find that next vein, of this so valuable mineral, in desire to get rich. Gold mining safety, has been a major concern, and many a cave in, has cost a lot of lives, throughout the history of gold mining. Thankfully, advances in design of internal support structures that can be built in the mine, have helped to make gold mining, more safe that it used to be.

Over the years, a number of methods have been used in gold mining. These have included the iconic pickax and shovel of the movies. That pick, we always seem to picture with an old man, alone in the world, with just his desire, to be a successful gold miner and get rich. However, it seems that our image, is of one that has been a gold miner like this, seeking a mine full with gold for many years, and has yet to find one.

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Truly, gold mining has many challenges, including finding gold mine in the first place. Finding gold deposits is sometimes a very challenging part of the process of gold mining. Knowing where the gold is has been the thing of many legends. Stories and legends of gold mining and lost gold mines have fascinated the minds, of many children and adults alike, for centuries.

Gold mining today, is largely the thing of large companies, and very large scale gold mining operations. It seems like truly, the day of the old fashioned simple gold mine, with a pickax and shovel, is long gone. While all of these iconic images may likely only survive in our memories, movies, and history; we must remember, the heritage and history, of this profession. Gold mining will always be the thing of exciting stories and legends.

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