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Many people use firewood to heat their house and there are others that use it when they are camping or sitting around their fire pit at home. No matter what a person uses firewood for there is plenty available. Firewood can be found at many different stores. There are different types of firewood available so one needs to know exactly what they want. Does one want the firewood for keeping their home or work shop warm?

The best type of wood for this is hardwood and most places have this firewood available. Most stores also carry pine which makes great kindling. Some stores will deliver the firewood to a person’s residence. There are also many private individuals that sell firewood. Sometimes they will have a lower price if one hauls it their selves. This is always something that is good to check into as one may be able to save a little money.

If you are buying firewood for the first time it might be best to go to a local store or sawmill. These people know the different firewood that they have for sale. They can explain the different types of fire wood that they carry and whether it is hardwood or softwood. They will also let you know which the best wood to use for heat is and that does not smoke a lot. It is always good to ask questions of the people who are selling firewood.

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One main question that should be asked is if the wood is seasoned or not. Most places only sell seasoned firewood but once in awhile a bundle may get mixed in. Who wants to wait for their fire wood to get seasoned when cold weather is already here?


Checking around for the best price can be a big savings in a person’s pocket. It never hurts to find the best deal available when it comes to firewood. It depends on where a person lives as to the type of firewood available. Most places that sells wood has signs up telling what type of firewood it is.


If a person is out camping and they need firewood they can look around for a camp host. Most camp hosts keep a supply of wood available to help out campers. They usually charge a small amount for their time but it is well worth it. Enjoying the good smell from firewood is a blessing and we have to love the heat it provides us.

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