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Dogs, also known as canine, are considered to be man’s best friend. They are animals that come in many different sizes and many different colors. There are many different breeds, and some breeds are trained in different aspects. For example, some smaller dogs such as Yorkshire terriers were originally bred to seek out rodents. Some large dogs such as Springer Spaniels are bred to be trained to hunt, or retrieve animals that their master has hunted and killed.

Most breeds have a specific purpose and are purchased by people that need them for a specific purpose. There are many different temperaments in dogs, and some make better household pets than others. Some dogs make good farm dogs that can be trained to round up cattle, and other types of farm animals. Many dogs are bred to be inside dogs, and some of these dogs do not shed a lot of hair. 


Other dogs shed a lot of hair and need to be groomed more often than others. Dogs are carnivorous animals, and have a craving for meat. Wild dogs such as coyotes and wolves hunt in the wild and live on small animals such as rabbits. Although these wild dogs are not really considered dogs, they are related by nature. Although they are usually illegal to capture and be domesticated, they have been known to be captured and trained as household pets in some instances. They will always have wild instincts, and should not be fully trusted as household pets. 

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Dogs generally live for many years. The smaller breeds of dogs can live as long as 15 to 17 years. Usually the larger dogs have a shorter life span, and can be prone to hip and joint problems later on in life. However, some well kept big dogs can also live well into the teen years. Dogs are known to be great companions for all human beings. Many are trained to be therapeutic dogs and can give people with disabilities or emotional problems a chance to have additional support and help in their lives. Many dogs are also trained to assist law enforcement and rescue crews in their professions. There are dogs that can seek out people trapped in rubble after natural disasters. There are also dogs that can find drugs in drug busts. Their immense sense of smell makes them great candidates to aide in these types of events. With so many animals on death row in animal shelters, it is ashamed that more are not rescued to help out mankind with everyday disasters and loneliness!

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