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The Department Motor Vehicles is one of the busiest places in the United States. You find hundreds of people shuffling in and out of this office on any given day. Efficiency in the Department Motor Vehicles is essential if tempers are to remain calm and business carried out in the most effective manner possible. There are a lot of little tasks that the Department Motor Vehicles handles on a daily basis and in most cases; the personnel do their best to take care of people in a friendly, efficient way.

Agents at the Department Motor Vehicles handle business during typical business hours for civil matters and on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a busy place. When people first get their driver's license, they go to the Department Motor Vehicles. Taxing citizens is one way that this department makes money. You go to Department Motor Vehicles to pay taxes and get the things you need concerning matters of personal vehicle ownership. You'll generally get a bill once a year from the Department Motor Vehicles to come in and pay your car taxes.

While it's possible to not pay these taxes, you're not legally allowed to operate your car until you do. Licensing and registration is also done here. If you sell a car, you'll need to make another trip to the Department Motor Vehicles to transfer the title to someone else. It's all part of the efficiency that each clerk at the Department Motor Vehicles knows how to handle these micro tasks and get you on your way in a hurry. The Department Motor Vehicles is always going to be a stressful place to go.

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There are many people who have important matters to take care of and no person is more important than another person. Long lines can make a trip to the Department Motor Vehicles a stressful event for most people, but it's important to remember that courtesy is the rule of the day at the Department Motor Vehicles.


No one wants to be there to get something taken care of, but everyone has to be there. Courtesy to Department Motor Vehicles clerks is essential if order is to be maintained. Arguing with a clerk at the Department Motor Vehicles doesn't make life easier for you. It simply takes up more of their time and keeps the next person in line more frustrated. Always be courtesy to clerks and to other DMV customers if you want your business to go smoothly and quickly.

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