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Butcher Block
This type of countertop is said to convey warmth to both its feel and presentation. Opinion concerning butcher block ranges from very satisfied to very dissatisfied. Contributing factors to opinion may be installation, maintenance over time, and surface treatment. Butcher block serves well for baking activities, and is forgiving if glassware is forcefully set upon it. Using a cutting board is recommended for preserving appearance, and using a sealant such as Marine Sealer will aid in butcher block countertop longevity.

Concrete Countertops
In home construction, concrete countertops are among the choice for kitchen and bathroom. They are durable, resist stains and do not crack or chip easily. Using a trivet under hot dishes, or cutting boards for slicing and dicing is recommended with concrete surfaces. Considered less expensive compared to other stone counter tops, price may become insignificant once a sealant is applied. Cleaning surface with warm soapy water occasionally is suggested. Variable designs and colors are available with concrete countertops.

Granite Countertops
Like concrete, warm soapy water can be used to clean these countertops. The manner in how granite Countertops are cared for is based largely on the stone being polished or unpolished. It may be best to confer with a professional regarding care and maintenance of these countertops. They are durable, un-scratch able, and stain resistant. Manufactured cleaning products and sprays are available for granite Countertops application. Using a warm soft sponge with soapy water, then drying with a towel or paper towels is the suggested approach utilized with granite countertops.

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Tile Countertops
Options abound with color and design when considering ceramic tile countertops. This too is a popular choice as kitchen and bathroom countertop. Pricing is competitive; durability is founded and resistant to stain. Consideration advised before purchasing tile countertops. They may be less functional for activities such as rolling dough or kneading bread, as the grout can collect particles from the process. Also, if glassware is used extensively, then smoother surface countertops are desirable. If countertops sustain damage, tiles can be replaced.


Marble and Porcelain
One may find marble tops to be used more compared to porcelain. Porcelain is strong, dense, and available in various styles and cost ranges. Marble is easier to repair if chipped, unique appearance, high maintenance likely required for marble countertops.


Home décor experts state next to kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops are the next priority in home construction or remodeling. Countertops contribute to the overall atmosphere of the home by their style, make an appearance.

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