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Religion is something that most people grow up with. Generally a family will teach their children about religion at a young age, and the family will be long to a Church. On Sundays the family will usually go to Church as a family and be thankful to their father for their gift of life. Although there are numerous types of religions out there, they all worship their heavenly Father in the same way, by going to Church. 

Although all Churches are not created equal, they all have the same basic concept, to deliver the message of our heavenly Father above. A traditional Catholic Church will have the same type of sermon no matter what part of the country you visit a Catholic Church at. So a Catholic family will know what to expect when they go to Church while they are on vacation. Other religions may have different types of sermons and ceremonies depending on the area. 

Many non denominational churches have freer spirited rally type sermons where the people attending get more involved in the ceremony. There may be loud singing or chanting involved making for a more fun atmosphere. This type of celebration usually attracts younger crowds, as the time spent in Church is more exciting! The definition of religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. How one chooses to select their religion of choice is up to them. 

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As stated earlier, they are usually swayed by their parents at an early age. However, since many people today do not belong to a Church, their kids may not be interested in attending a Church until they become adults. Sometimes when they have a family of their own, they may want to raise their children with religion and belonging to a church. At this point in time they need to make a decision of which religion best fits their beliefs. It is a good idea to visit a few different Churches and see which one feels the most comfortable for your family’s needs. Just because a close friend or family member attends a certain Church and tries to persuade you to join, does not mean that is the Church for you and your family. Religion is a personal choice and should be a choice you make together as a family. Attending a Church should be a fun family event and not something that a family dreads going to!


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