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Chicken Coops: Housing for chickens.

One of the easiest types of livestock, you can raise and care for in a small amount of space, and with minimal difficulty, is chickens. One of the most basic parts, of raising and keeping chickens, is chicken coops. Chicken coops, are a key part of having the place and preparation you need, to be able to have chickens. There are a huge number of styles and designs, for chicken coops. If you look online or in farming or self sufficiency books, you will quickly find many designs and plans, for various chicken coops.

Each of these various designs for chicken coops, have certain benefits, and certain considerations as well. You will need to look at the various factors, of what you have planned, and what is practical for you. Each of These chicken coops, have been used with good success by others, and now it is your turn. One of the factors with chicken coops, you will need to be considering, is how many chickens they house. Some chicken coops, are designed for more chickens than others, and in some places there are laws, regarding how much space it must have for each chicken.

Chicken coops, can be built in all sizes, based on your own plans and needs. If you only want to raise a very small number of chickens, chicken coops that are small, will likely meet your needs very well. On the other hand, if you are looking to provide a large amount of your meat for your family, then chicken coops that are larger, are more practical for you needs. Also, for breeding to sell or raising eggs to sell, you will need to look at designs for chicken coops that are large as well.

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Another factor with chicken coops, you will need to be considering and planning for, as you prepare to build one, is to look at designs for nesting and egg laying space. Nesting boxes also come in a wide variety of designs, and a quick look online and in books, will give you many ideas for designs for nesting boxes for chicken coops. Again, each design has benefits and considerations, and you will need to look at what design you prefer, for your personal needs and plans.

Chicken coops also, are often planned with a little bit of extra space, with shelves and storage space, for you feed and tools. This space, allows for a place to store tools for cleaning chicken coops, where you can clean quicker.

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