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Camping is a leisure activity that is typically enjoyed during the summer months where people can enjoy nature, adventure, or a completely different environment. Campgrounds are a specific placed used for an overnight stay in the outdoors. Campgrounds is a US English version from the UK English word campsite, which means an area that is divided into pitches where people can camp outdoors over night in RV campers or tents. In the US English version of the word campsite, it means an area where individuals or groups can pitch a tent or put up a camper.

Campgrounds typically have several campsites for overnight guests to choose from. The term camp means "field", so campgrounds usually consists of open fields, or areas where guests can set up a tent, or place a camper. A campsite is a specific area located within a campground that each camper can choose from. Contrary to belief that campgrounds do not offer any running water or electricity, there are many amenities available. Some of the most common amenities that campgrounds offer are fire pits or fire places, utility hook ups, picnic tables, and platforms to set up tents.

Some other amenities that may or may not be offered at the campgrounds are flushing toilets, showers, convenience stores, or sinks in the bathrooms. Many campgrounds located throughout the United States offer camping for recreational vehicles, or RV parks. The Kampgrounds of America, or KOA, is one of the more popular campgrounds located in Canada and throughout the United States. Kampgrounds of America has over 500 locations of private campgrounds across the United States and Canada.

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KOA began in the 1960's when Dave Drum decided to start campgrounds when he noticed many travelers staying in tents in various places at the World’s Fair. His campgrounds became an instant success, and he soon had several KOA franchises all over the United States. KOA currently has over 900 campgrounds.


Over the time, travelers enjoy using KOA dedicated campgrounds over staying in hotels because it is usually inexpensive, convenient, and readily available. There is typically a fee when using commercial and government campgrounds. This is used to help cover maintenance fees. There are also several campgrounds that do not charge a fee to use their properties, and they rely sole on donations and tax money to help keep the maintenance up.


There are also rangers who regularly walk the grounds to make sure the campground is secure.

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